Setting Scaling Parameters Using Configuration Keys

To set system scaling parameters when you create a software event broker instance, you can use configuration keys.

  • For software event broker machine images, you can use configuration keys with a configuration and customization package such as cloud-init.

    For more information, see Initializing a Machine Image using cloud-init.

  • For a software event broker container image, you can use the configuration keys when you create the container.

    For example, with Docker Engine, you can use the docker create command. Adding the line below to the docker create command sets the maximum client connections 200,000.

    --env 'system_scaling_maxconnectioncount=200000'

    For more information, see Initializing a Software Event Broker Container.

For more information about the configuration keys that are available, see Configuration Keys.

To increase system scaling parameters for software event brokers that are running, see Setting Scaling Parameters for a Single Software Event Broker and Setting Scaling Parameters for an HA Group