System Resource Calculator

For stability and performance, the infrastructure hosting the PubSub+ Software Event Broker must provide a minimum set of system resources. For details about the minimum resource requirements, see System Resource Requirements.

You can increase certain system limits using system scaling parameters. Increasing these system limits also increases the system resources that are required. For more information, see Using System Scaling Parameters.

The System Resource Calculator for PubSub+ Software Event Brokers allows you to easily see and understand the impact of changing system scaling parameters. As you make changes to the scaling parameters listed on the left of the screen, the various resources required (CPUs, memory, storage) are updated in the pane on the right. In addition, the calculator dynamically updates the example deployment templates according the scaling parameters you choose. You can then use these templates for creating new container or virtual machine instances of the software event broker with the scaling parameters you want and the correct corresponding set of resources.

The example deployment templates mount the storage-group to either the container backing store or the machine image's virtual disk. We strongly recommend that you mount the storage-group to an external storage device. For more information, see Managing Software Event Broker Storage.

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This calculator is for the current version of the software event broker. The calculator for previous versions can be downloaded from

System Resource Calculator