Trying Out Your Messaging Service

If you haven't already done so, start by Creating Your First Messaging Service. Assuming that you have now created a messaging service, this getting started tutorial will walk you through trying your new messaging service. You will try out the messaging service by connecting a publisher and a subscriber, subscribing to a topic, and publishing a matching message.


The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate the most basic messaging interaction using Solace messaging. This tutorial will show you:

  • How to connect a publisher and a subscriber.
  • How to subscribe to a topic.
  • How to publish a matching message.

Step 1: Go to Try Me! tab

To access the Try Me! tab:

  1. From the left-hand menu, click Messaging Services.

  2. Click your messaging service. The messaging service details are displayed.

  3. On the service details page, click the Try Me! tab.


    The Try Me! page is displayed. It is divided into the following sections.

    • Donut charts at the top representing your messaging service metrics such as network usage, guaranteed messaging endpoints and the number of active connections.
    • Two CodePen projects: Publisher and Subscriber.


Step 2: Connect publisher and subscriber

To connect the publisher and subscriber, do the following:

  1. In the Publisher CodePen, click Connect.

    Publisher Connect Button

  2. In the Subscriber CodePen, click Connect.

    Subscriber Connect Button

  3. Validate the publisher and subscriber connections.


  4. Optional: Click show advanced settings to see the credentials that this application is using to connect. These credentials are found in the Connect tab for the messaging service, and can be used for connecting your other applications.

Step 3: Subscribe to a topic

In the Subscriber CodePen, under step 2, subscribe to the try-me topic. You can also try other topics if you like. See Topic Support & Syntax to learn more about topics.

Subscriber Subscribed to Topic try-me

Step 4: Publish a matching message

In the Publisher CodePen, under step 2, publish a message with try-me as the topic name.

Publisher Published Message with Topic try-me

You should see that the message has been sent from the Publisher and received by the Subsciber.


Step 6: Learn more

You have now exchanged a message between a publisher and a subscriber. Want to learn more?