Node.js API

The Solace Node.js messaging API can be used in cloud-based, enterprise scale server applications. The Node.js and JavaScript Messaging APIs share the same asynchronous and non-blocking programming model, but are packaged differently, and optimized for their respective target environments.

Message Exchange Patterns

The Node.js API supports all common message exchange patterns.

  • Publish / Subscribe
  • Point-to-Point
  • Request / Reply

For more information, see Message Exchange Patterns.


The Node.js API supports:

  • Connection management to Solace PubSub+ event brokers
  • Addition and removal of topic subscriptions
  • Sending and receiving Direct and Guaranteed messages
  • Structured data types that allow interoperability between various architectures and programming languages
  • Request / Reply messaging support
  • PubSub+ Cache Client API support
  • Message Replay

The Node.js API does not support:

  • Session Transactions and XA Transactions
  • Queue browsing
  • Provisioning of durable endpoints
  • Topic dispatch
  • Message compression
  • Kerberos authentication
  • Use of Selectors

Get Started

Tutorials are provided to help you quickly get up to speed developing applications using Solace Messaging Node.js APIs for messaging. There are three ways you can begin:

  1. If you have Solace PubSub+ event brokers already deployed, obtain the hostname, or IP address, of an event broker to test against, a username and password to access it, and a Message VPN in which you can produce and consume messages.
  2. You can go through an Initial Set Up of a software event broker.
  3. You can spin up Solace PubSub+ Cloud.

Start Tutorials

Node.js API Reference

Click below to access the API Reference Help for the Solace Node.js API.

Node.js Reference

Node.js Release Notes

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Node.js API Release Notes