Setting Up Container Images

The PubSub+ software event broker is available as a container image, which allows a software event broker to run on a host system independent of a Virtual Machine Manager. The software event broker container image can run on a variety of container runtimes, not only the ones mentioned in this section. For details about the recommended runtimes, see Container Images.

Getting Started

The sections below provide examples of how to set up a software event broker container in a variety of cloud and desktop environments. If your environment isn't among the examples, you can use any of these as a general guideline for setting up an software event broker container in your situation.

These examples are intended to show you how quickly set up a developer environment suitable for testing and POC activities. If you are interested in deploying a container in a production environment, see Deploying PubSub+ Software Event Brokers in a Production Environment.

Software Event Broker Requirements for Containers

Regardless of the container runtime, the software event broker container has a number of system requirements that you should consider before you configure your environment. Consult the following sections for details:

Additional Information About Containers

The sections below provide further background knowledge about setting up and monitoring software event broker containers: