What is PubSub+ Cloud?

PubSub+ Cloud is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform that gives you access to advanced features like the publish-subscribe messaging pattern, queuing, streaming, replay, and request-reply, while we do all the heavy lifting to dynamically deploy, upgrade, patch, and operate your event broker service (formerly known as messaging services). We engineer it all to be secure, resilient, and cost-optimized so you can focus on building applications.

All of the these features and capabilities are accessible through a unified PubSub+ Cloud Console (simply referred to as Cloud Console) with a single log-in, making it easy for architects, developers and other users to work and collaborate, to drive the enterprise’s event-driven architecture (EDA) mission forward.

You can manage your PubSub+ Cloud accounts from the PubSub+ Cloud or manage accounts with your organizations Azure Active Directory (AD). For more information about managing users or integrating with AD, see Managing PubSub+ Cloud Accounts and Users and Integrating Azure Active Directory (AD) with PubSub+ Cloud, respectively.

Mission Control

PubSub+ Mission Control (simply referred to as Mission Control) makes it easy to deploy event brokers, create event meshes, and optimize and monitor the health and performance of an event-driven system.

To learn more, see Mission Control Overview.

Event Portal

PubSub+ Event Portal (or simply Event Portal) is the single place to design, create, discover, share, secure and manage all of the events within your ecosystem. Event Portal is a section in the Cloud Console. To learn more, see PubSub+ Event Portal Overview.


PubSub+ Insights (or simply Insights) is an advanced monitoring service that allows you to detect potential issues before they have a negative impact on your brokers and event broker services. You can use it to receive email notifications and understand performance of your your event broker services. To learn more, see Insights Overview (Early Access).

Deploying PubSub+ Event Broker: Cloud

You can deploy your PubSub+ Event Broker: Cloud (or simply event broker services) in public clouds in Solace's SaaS offering (Solace PubSub+ Cloud) or within your virtual private clouds, or in Kubernetes services in the cloud or on premises. To learn about the different ways you can deploy messaging services, see Deploying PubSub+ Event Broker: Cloud.

PubSub+ Cloud REST API

You can use the PubSub+ Cloud REST API to manage accounts, users, services, and more. For details, see Understanding the PubSub+ Cloud REST API.