Version: 10.16.0



namespace solace.MessageCacheStatus

An attribue of a solace.Message. Applications receive messages due to subscriptions on topics, or consumers connected to durable objects. The MessageCacheStatus of such messages is: solace.MessageCacheStatus.LIVE.

Message are also delivered to an application as a result of a cache request (see solace.CacheSession#sendCacheRequest) which have a MessageCacheStatus that is solace.MessageCacheStatus.CACHED or solace.MessageCacheStatus.SUSPECT.

The MessageCacheStatus is retrieved with solace.Message#getCacheStatus.

Static Properties & Enumerations Top

Number CACHED = 1
Number LIVE
Number SUSPECT = 2

Static Properties & Enumerations Detail Top

static public Number CACHED = 1

The message was retrieveed from a solCache Instance.

static public Number LIVE

The message is live.

static public Number SUSPECT = 2

The message was retrieved from a suspect solCache Instance.