Questionnaire: Deploying in a Customer-Controlled Region

This questionnaire is specific to deployments of PubSub+ Cloud in Customer-Controlled Regions. For questions related to deployments for Dedicated Regions, see Questionnaire: Deploying in a Dedicated Region.

Deploying PubSub+ Cloud can require planning and coordination across different teams. It's important that you plan and design your deployment to ensure the long-term success of your system. The following questions are designed to uncover the configuration information needed to create your event broker services properly. To help make your deployment go quickly and smoothly, carefully research and plan your decisions around these questions.

To begin your planning, we have produced a questionnaire to help identify critical information required for a successful deployment, including:

  • questions common to deployments in all Kubernetes implementations, including queries about your cluster, Operational Connectivity, Messaging Connectivity, and feature requirements.

  • questions specific to the implementation of Kubernetes you have chosen for your Customer-Controlled Region, including queries about your cluster, Messaging Connectivity, and storage.

The answers to these questions help Solace determine how to configure the Mission Control Agent to create event broker services in your cluster.

What Implementation of Kubernetes Do You Use?

To begin the questionnaire, answer the following question: What implementation of Kubernetes do you intend to use?

PubSub+ Cloud supports the following Kubernetes implementations:

  • On-premises:
  • In the cloud:
    • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
    • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
    • Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO)
    • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
    • Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)
    • Huawei Cloud Container Engine (CCE)

If you use a different implementation of Kubernetes, contact Solace to find out how we can support your deployment.

Once you have chosen a Kubernetes implementation, you must answer the questions common to all Kubernetes implementations.

After you have finished the common questions, you must answer the questions that are specific to your Kubernetes implementation. If you intend to use multiple implementations, you must complete a questionnaire for each Kubernetes implementation:

The entire questionnaire can be downloaded as a PDF, including the common questions, and the Kubernetes implementation specific questions, by clicking the button below and selecting the Kubernetes deployment type:

It can also be downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet, including the common questions, and the Kubernetes implementation specific questions, by clicking the button below: