Questionnaire: Deploying in a Dedicated Region

This questionnaire is specific to deployments of PubSub+ Cloud in Dedicated Regions. For questions related to deployments in Customer-Controlled Regions, see Questionnaire: Deploying in a Customer-Controlled Region.

Deploying PubSub+ Cloud can require planning and coordination across different teams. It's important that you plan and design your deployment to ensure the long-term success of your system. The following questions are designed to uncover the configuration information needed to create your event broker services properly. To help make your deployment go quickly and smoothly, carefully research and plan your decisions around these questions.

How Solace
Uses This Information

What cloud provider do you want Solace to use?

Dedicated Region deployments of PubSub+ Cloud support the following implementations of Kubernetes:

  • Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS)
  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Deployment Architecture for Kubernetes

Mission Control Agent

Deployment Options for PubSub+ Cloud

In what region do you want to install PubSub+ Cloud event broker services?

To correctly install and configure your Dedicated Region deployment, Solace needs to know which cloud provider region (if applicable) to use.

Creating Event Broker Services

Do you want the Messaging Connectivity to or from your event broker services to go through the public internet, private networks, or both?

To help you configure the Messaging Connectivity for your Dedicated Region, Solace must know how you want your Messaging Connectivity routed.

See Messaging Connectivity in PubSub+ Cloud Connectivity Requirements

Do you want your incoming Messaging Connectivity to be private?

If so which of the networking options supported by Solace do you want to use?

Solace uses this information to help guide you in configuring the networking option you choose.

Networking Options for Dedicated Region Deployments

If you want your Messaging Connectivity to be private?

Does your chosen networking option require a unique CIDR range?

If so, you can you an appropriately sized CIDR that is compatible with your network plan?

Solace requires the CIDR to provision the VPC/VNet.

If the network option you chose requires a unique CIDR range, you must provide one that does not overlap with any networks your event broker services will peer with. It must accommodate your network plan, and the amount event broker services you want to deploy.

Consider the size of your cluster’s network carefully, as it is not possible to change its size after creation.

For EKS and AKS, use the Excel-based CIDR calculator

For GKE, see Networking in Installing PubSub+ Cloud in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Do you want to use a self-managed key for encrypting the data at rest on the persistent storage of your event broker services?

If you want to use a self-managed key for encrypting your data at rest you must provide the key to Solace.

Solace currently supports self-managed keys from the following providers:

  • AWS Key Management
  • Service Azure Key Vault

Data at Rest

Contact Information

You must provide a point of contact for each entry in the table below. Solace prefers a distribution list as the point of contact, though you can choose to provide individual contact details.

Contact Type Distribution List or Contact Details

Event broker service incidents or issues.


Event broker service upgrade notifications and scheduling.


Release and maintenance notifications.