Deleting an Event Mesh

You can delete an event mesh. Deleting an event mesh removes the connectivity (or links) between each event broker service. The event broker services themselves are not deleted nor are the services impacted on the individual event broker services. The impact however is that events are no longer routed between the event broker services, which may impact subscribing applications that are trying to get events from publishers that aren't connected to the same event broker service.

To delete an event mesh, you require the Mission Control Manager role assigned to your user profile in the account where the event mesh exists. For more information about the role requirements, see Considerations for Working with Event Meshes in PubSub+ Cloud.

Before you delete an event mesh, we recommend that you review the considerations when you work with event meshes. For this information, see Considerations for Working with Event Meshes in PubSub+ Cloud.

To delete an event mesh, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the PubSub+ Cloud Console if you have not done so yet. The URL to access the Cloud Console differs based on your authentication scheme. For more information, see Logging into the PubSub+ Cloud Console.

  2. Select Mesh Manager from the navigation bar.
  3. On the Mesh Manager: Event Meshes page, on the card for the event mesh to delete, click Mesh Actions, and then select Delete.
  4. On the Delete Event Mesh dialog, click Delete to confirm that you want to remove event mesh; otherwise click Cancel.

Deleting an event mesh may take a few minutes to complete. You can also see the progress of updating your event mesh at any time. For more information, see Checking the Progress of an Event Mesh. You can also rescan for event meshes to refresh the list on the Mesh Manager: Event Meshes page.