Developing Applications with PubSub+ Cloud

You can use PubSub+ Messaging APIs, as well as many open APIs and messaging protocols, to build client messaging applications to work with PubSub+ Cloud. For information about the PubSub+ Messaging APIs, see the following links:

If you haven't already, check out Getting Started with PubSub+ Cloud to set up an event broker service. An event broker service can be used to test your client applications that you've created using the PubSub+ Messaging APIs.

Managing Event Broker Services

You can use the Solace Element Management Protocol, version 2 (SEMPv2) to manage your event broker services. See the following for more information:

PubSub+ Cloud also has REST APIs to manage your event broker service. You can try the following tutorials to learn how to manage your event broker service in PubSub+ Cloud:

Managing Event Portal Data

You can use Event Portal's REST API to manage data for your event-driven architectures. For more information, see Event Portal v2 REST API.