Deploying PubSub+ Cloud with Kubernetes

You can deploy PubSub+ Cloud to your own on-premises or cloud-based Kubernetes cluster, which we refer to as a Customer-Controlled Region. For a Customer-Controlled Region, you (the customer) are responsible for the installation, configuration, maintenance, and operation of the Kubernetes cluster. You then deploy PubSub+ Cloud to the Kubernetes cluster, which permits to you run the event broker services in your Customer-Controlled Region.

We support a wide range of Kubernetes versions in PubSub+ Cloud. For more information, see Supported Kubernetes Versions.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Kubernetes deployment architecture and components of PubSub+ Cloud. As well, review the roles and responsibilities to help you have an smooth and optimal deployment of PubSub+ Cloud

After your initial overview meeting with Solace about installing and deploying PubSub+ Cloud Solace, you follow a five-step process to deploy PubSub+ Cloud. At this point, you have completed the first two steps of the process which were:

  • Review Kubernetes Cluster Requirements You Received from Solace
  • Set up Single Sign-On (Optional)


The next steps to Set up and Validate Your Kubernetes Cluster and Install the Mission Control Agent are summarized as follows:

  1. Install and Validate Your Kubernetes Cluster

  2. Install the Mission Control Agent

    To deploy PubSub+ Cloud on your Kubernetes cluster. This installation is completed with Solace. As part of the post installation, you:

    • Create an event broker service as a test to check that the installation of the Mission Control Agent was successful. The process to deploy PubSub+ Cloud to a Customer-Controlled Region is considered complete if you are successful creating an event broker service.

Any additional configuration of the event broker services that is required to meet your requirements is an activity outside of the deployment. For more information about configuring your event broker service, see Viewing Event Broker Services.

The Mission Control Agent in your Kubernetes cluster is self-upgrading, but in some cases, upgrades are not possible due the configuration of your Kubernetes cluster. For more information, see Upgrading the Mission Control Agent in Kubernetes.