PubSub+ Cloud Console

The PubSub+ Cloud Console is the single-pane-of-glass UI that allows you to:

The Cloud Console is part of the PubSub+ Home Cloud.

The Cloud Console is a web-based user-interface that you accessed from a public Internet connection. You have an account that permits you to manage users and to configure access to your event broker services. The Cloud Console has an 99.95% uptime and data backups are taken every four hours. For more information about our activities to ensure uptime, see Overview of Hardened Developer and Operational Processes at Solace.

For more information about the accessing the various services in PubSub+ Cloud, see these sections:

In the following diagram, the red box highlights where the  Cloud Console fits into the architecture within the Home Cloud:

Diagram of the Cloud architecture that highlights the Cloud Console.

The Cloud Console communicates with the microservices that are part of the Home Cloud, and can initiate connections with the Broker Manager to connect directly to a event broker service and the Datadog web interface for the dashboards for advanced monitoring.

The Cloud Console can be configured with single sign-on (SSO) to permit you to integrate with the authentication and authorization schemes used in your organization. For more information, see Configuring Single Sign-On With OpenID Connect.

Depending on the regional site you're accessing, the Cloud Console URL differs. For more about regional sites, see PubSub+ Home Cloud. Here's a summary of the URLs to access the Cloud Console:

Regional Site Cloud Console URL Cloud Console URL (SSO-enabled) Location of Home Cloud



United States of America




The regional site in Australia (AUS) currently supports only Dedicated Regions and Customer-Controlled Regions. Public Regions are not supported.