PubSub+ Home Cloud

The PubSub+ Home Cloud is a collection of microservices that provides the control plane for deployments of PubSub+ Cloud.

These microservices provide a number of backend functions, including event broker management (Mission Control), event cataloging/design (Event Portal), and monitoring management (Insights).

The Home Cloud fronts the backend services with a single user-interface called the PubSub+ Cloud Console.

In the following architecture diagram, the red box highlights the Home Cloud. The PubSub+ Cloud Console (or simply Cloud Console) is the web-based interface that users connect to access the backend functions.

Diagram of the Cloud architecture that highlights the Home Cloud.

The Home Cloud communicates with the Mission Control Agent to exchange management data to provide Operational Connectivity. The Mission Control Agent always initiates the connection to the Home Cloud— never the reverse. For more details, see Information Exchanged Between the PubSub+ Home Cloud and the Mission Control Agent.

Regional Sites for PubSub+ Home Cloud

Solace offers different regional sites throughout the world for the PubSub+ Home Cloud. Each Home Cloud is completely independent of each other. The Home Clouds do not share infrastructure, data, or any other system, account, or user information with each other. No matter which Home Cloud you use, there are no regional limitations on where you can deploy event broker services in the world.

Using different regional sites for the Home Clouds gives you these benefits or capabilities:

  • allows you to store your data in a specific geographic location
  • enables you to adhere to the laws of the country where the site resides [e.g., comply with regulatory requirements for personal identifiable information (PII) ] or address data sovereignty concerns
  • potentially minimize latency depending on the geographic location and network topology from which you users connect

The following table shows you the URL (where <custom_domain> is the string for your custom domain) to use to connect to the PubSub+ Cloud Console for each regional site and the location where the Home Cloud resides.

Regional Site Cloud Console URL Cloud Console URL (SSO-enabled) Location of Home Cloud

United States


United States of America




Singapore https://<custom.domain> Singapore

The regional sites in Australia (AUS) and Singapore (SG) currently support only Dedicated Regions and Customer-Controlled Regions. They do not support Public Regions.


The REST API URL you use is based on the regional Home Cloud used for your PubSub+ Cloud deployment. The following table shows the REST API base URL for each regional site. You can find more information about REST APIs in Using the PubSub+ Cloud REST APIs.

Regional Site REST API BASE  URL
United States