Topic Support & Syntax

This section describes the topic syntax supported by Solace PubSub+ and provides examples of valid topics for publishing and subscribing.

  • Publishing: Topics are used as subjects / destinations that clients can publish messages to.
  • Subscribing: Topics are used as subscriptions to attract published messages of interest for consumer clients. That is, when messages are published to a topic, matching topic subscriptions will attract those messages. If that topic subscription is registered for a client or for an endpoint that the client is bound to, a client with the proper authorization may receive that message.

The SMF and MQTT protocols use similar topic syntax, so SMF and MQTT messaging applications can be used together in the same messaging network. However, there are some differences in topic syntax and usage between SMF and MQTT, and some planning considerations must be made if you are going to deploy MQTT applications along with SMF applications. See Using MQTT for more information.