Using the PubSub+ Cloud REST APIs

The REST API for PubSub+ Cloud provides a mechanism for you to programmatically manage event broker services, work with Event Portal, and manage accounts for PubSub+ Cloud.

Learn About v2 REST APIs

These REST APIs follow set standards, have full reference documentation, and have consistent interfaces.

About Different Versions of the REST APIs

In PubSub+ Cloud, there are different versions of the REST APIs for PubSub+ Cloud. The version of the API is found in the API path. For example, you can see that the following endpoint is a v2 API.

When you develop, Solace recommends that you use v2 APIs whenever possible. The versions of the REST API available in PubSub+ Cloud are as follows:

  • v2—The current (and more modern) v2 REST APIs closely follow set Solace standards, have full reference documentation and provide consistent interfaces and behavior. The APIs are available earlier and therefore have release stages, such as Generally Available, Beta, or Early Access. For more information, see the v2 REST API documentation.

  • v1/v0—Legacy versions of the REST APIs aren't as feature rich, and may have inconsistencies. Documentation for v0 and v1 APIs are provided below as tutorials and often are not fully documented.

    In general, you can mix usage of different versions of the API in your application except for Event Portal APIs.  Event Portal APIs align with the version of Event Portal you are using. For example, if you're using Event Portal 2.0, you must use only Event Portal v2 APIs.

Legacy v0/v1 REST APIs in PubSub+ Cloud

We recommend that you use v2 APIs when possible. Legacy v0 and v1 APIs are available and can be used to fulfill functionality requirements that v2 APIs don't yet provide.

For information about the legacy REST APIs, see the following sections:

The following REST APIs are v2 REST APIs that have not yet moved over to the to the REST API v2 documentation page.