Managing PubSub+ Cloud Accounts and Users

In PubSub+ Cloud, the account and user management system allows you to efficiently manage user accounts, assign user roles, and set permissions. Furthermore, you can perform tasks such as send requests to increase the number of services, purchase prepaid subscriptions, view and download audit logs, manage your data usage, and even customize system notifications.

In this section, we will discuss how to manage your accounts and users, share information on choosing the best cloud region and service type, and walk you through some common user management tasks.

Let's first look at how to log in to all your accounts and switch between accounts with the same user credentials.

Logging In

You can log in to all your accounts in the console with the same user credentials.

After successfully logging in, if you belong to more than one account, you will be prompted to select an account.

A user in only one account will not be prompted and will be signed in immediately.

Switching Between Accounts

You can switch between your accounts by clicking your user in the bottom of the left-hand menu.