PubSub+ Event Portal

Event Portal is a cloud-based event management tool that helps you to design your event-driven architecture (EDA). For more information, see Event Portal Overview.

The 2nd generation of Event Portal includes several tools to help you design your event mesh:

  • Designer helps you create and update all of the objects you use to design your EDA.

  • Catalog is a library of all the applications, events, schemas, and other objects in your organization's account in Event Portal.

  • Runtime Event Manager helps you create models of your EDA using objects created in Designer and data collected from your brokers. Runtime Event Manager brings together your design with runtime data from your brokers to help you design accurate models of your EDA.

If you have been using the older first generation of Event Portal you can continue to do so at this time. For more information, about using Event Portal 1.0, see PubSub+ Event Portal 1.0

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Switching Between Versions of Event Portal

The PubSub+ Cloud Console has a toggle switch to allow you to go back and forth between the two versions of Event Portal. Objects created in one version of Event Portal are accessible only when working in that version. The ability to migrate objects created in version 1.0 to Event Portal 2.0 will be made available over the coming months.

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