PubSub+ Event Portal

Event Portal is a cloud-based event management tool that helps you to design your event-driven architecture (EDA).

You have access to two versions of Event Portal. You can switch between the two versions in PubSub+ Cloud

Event Portal 1.0

Event Portal 1.0 is the first generation of Event Portal that existing customers are familiar with. For more information, see PubSub+ Event Portal 1.0

Event Portal 2.0

Event Portal 2.0 is the second generation of Event Portal, which is now available to all Event Portal users. The second generation of Event Portal includes the following features:

  • You can now manage the lifecycle of your design by applying versioning and lifecycle states to your objects. You can create and track every version of each object type through their lifecycle. Available for applications, Event API Products, event APIs, events, schemas, and enumerations.
  • We’ve made the UI to set an event’s topic address easier.
  • The Discovery tile has been replaced by Runtime Event Manager. Within Runtime Event Manager, you can model your various environments (e.g. Production, Staging, Development) with their associated applications using modeled event meshes. A modeled event mesh represents an operational event mesh in a specific runtime environment. The graph view of your modeled event mesh is now available in Runtime Event Manager instead of Designer. This also where the runtime data collection, audit, and import functionality will be made available over the coming months.
  • Event API Products are now managed within application domains and are built using Event APIs. You can find these within Designer. Event API Products and event APIs are both searchable in Catalog and can be integrated with third party API management platforms via the Event Portal published REST APIs.
  • You can now create custom attributes to customize objects with additional attribute and value data so you can better integrate Event Portal data with your organization's operational processes. You can also search for objects with custom attributes using configurable search filters in Catalog.
  • We’ve also created a second version of the Event Portal v2 REST API. Start using these new APIs to integrate with your other systems.

For more information about these new features, please view a short video Introduction and see the Event Portal 2.0 documentation.

If you have a learning subscription at Solace Academy you can take the  PubSub+ Cloud Event Portal Fundamentals Course to learn more as well.

Switching Between Versions of Event Portal

The PubSub+ Cloud Console has a toggle switch to allow you to go back and forth between the two versions of Event Portal. Objects created in one version of Event Portal are accessible only when working in that version. The ability to migrate objects created in version 1.0 to Event Portal 2.0 will be made available over the coming months.

Screenshot showing the options described in this topic.