Best Practices

This documentation includes a number of articles that provide guidance, examples, or recommendations for how best to use Solace products. Use the table below to find the information that's most relevant to you.

Article Description
Topic Architecture Best Practices Best practices for creating an event topic architecture.
DMR Best Practices Examples and best practices for designing and configuring an event mesh using Dynamic Message Routing (DMR).
Multi-Site Connectivity An example that shows how to connect applications running in three different sites using Dynamic Message Routing (DMR).
Horizontal Scaling An example that shows how to increase capacity in a single datacenter in your event mesh using DMR.
Message Replay Examples A set of examples showing how to configure and initiate a replay from an event broker using Solace CLI commands.
VPN Bridge Setup Examples Examples for setting up several types of Message VPN bridges.
Engineering Guidelines for Disk Arrays Guidelines for selecting an appropriate external disk array to attain maximum Guaranteed Messaging rates with Solace PubSub+ appliances.
Minimum Recommended Events for Monitoring The minimum set of events that management applications should monitor.
Microgateway Use Cases Use cases and accompanying examples that show possible uses of Microgateways. Microgateways allow Solace PubSub+ event brokers to act as HTTP load balancers, or simple API gateways between RESTful API clients and RESTful API service providers.
API Best Practices Best practices you can use when developing applications with the Solace C, JCSMP, Java RTO, .NET, JavaScript and Node.js messaging APIs.
Replication Best Practices Considerations for API clients of PubSub+ event brokers using Replication, which provides data center redundancy and disaster recovery.