Next Steps

Now that you understand the main concepts and have tried some basic examples, you can continue your Solace journey by moving on to more complex concepts and tasks:

Connect and Integrate

Discover and make use of Solace and community-supported assets to connect your apps, databases, and messaging services with the Solace PubSub+ platform:

Create an Event Mesh and Set Up Dynamic Message Routing

You can link multiple event brokers into an event mesh and propagate messages through the mesh using Dynamic Message Routing (DMR):

Solace Developer Portal

Build Applications

There are a lot of different options for application building with PubSub+ event brokers and cloud messaging services. Here are a few examples to get you started.

Solace Developer Portal

Operate a Solace PubSub+ Environment

You may need to do to some of the following tasks to extend or scale your system:

  • Set up Message VPNs to create separate messaging domains for your applications.

  • Connect message VPNs using Message VPN Bridges

  • Configure a microgateway to perform load balancing, request prioritization, multi-protocol message delivery and more.

  • Maintain high availability (HA) with event broker redundancy, which allows a standby broker to take over if the primary broker fails for any reason.

  • Enable disaster recovery with data center replication. With replication, Guaranteed messages published in one data center are automatically propagated to a standby data center in a separate geographic location.

  • Review the Security Overview and, if relevant for your implementation, Security in PubSub+ Cloud to make sure your system is set up to properly manage authentication, authorization, auditing, and encryption.

PubSub+ Cloud automatically manages many aspects of configuration and management:

Learn and Interact

Keep learning about Solace PubSub+ and interact with experts and other users: