Next Steps

After you've understood the main concepts and tried some simple examples, you can move on to more complex tasks like the ones listed below.

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Setting up PubSub+

Solace PubSub+ event brokers can be deployed in a variety of environments. You can:

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Operating a Solace PubSub+ Environment

You might need to do to some of the following to extend or scale your system:

  • Set up Message VPNs to create separate messaging domains for your applications.
  • Connect message VPNs using Message VPN Bridges
  • Link neighboring PubSub+ event brokers with multi-node routing to allow messages published from clients connected to one event broker to be delivered to clients connected to other event brokers.
  • Create an event mesh using Dynamic Message Routing (DMR) to automatically connect geographically distributed PubSub+ sites.
  • Configure a microgateway to perform load balancing, request prioritization, multi-protocol message delivery and more.
  • Maintain high availability (HA) with event broker redundancy, which allows a standby broker to take over if the primary broker fails for any reason.
  • Enable disaster recovery with data center replication. With replication, guaranteed messages published in one data center are automatically propagated to a standby data center in a separate geographic location.
  • Review the Security Overview to make sure your system is set up to properly manage authentication, authorization, auditing, and encryption.

PubSub+ Cloud automatically manages many aspects of configuration and management:

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Building Applications

There are a lot of different options for application building with PubSub+ event brokers and cloud messaging services. Here are a few examples to get you started.