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Use this page to help you find documentation about key features of the Solace platform and event broker.

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High Availability Solace PubSub+ appliances and Solace PubSub+ software event brokers can operate in high-availability (HA) redundant groups for fault tolerance. If one of the event brokers fails, or is taken out of service, the other one automatically takes over.

HA for Software Event Brokers

HA for Appliances

Disaster Recovery You can put in place a disaster recovery (DR) solution for Solace PubSub+ event brokers using data center replication. When replication is enabled, guaranteed messages that are published to a Message VPN with an active replication state at one data center are automatically propagated to matching Message VPNs with a standby replication state at another data center. Replication provides business continuity and allows mission‑critical applications to continue to function during a major service outage to a data center. Replication Overview
Dynamic Message Routing Dynamic Message Routing (DMR) automatically determines the best way to route messages through your event mesh. DMR provides a means to interconnect instances of Solace PubSub+ event brokers so that messages published by clients hosted by one broker can be consumed by clients hosted on another. DMR Overview
Message Replay Message Replay allows an event broker to resend messages to new or existing clients that request them, hours or even days after those messages were first received by the event broker. Message Replay Overview
VPN Bridging Message VPN bridges allow messages published to one Message VPN to be delivered to the linked Message VPN. Message VPN Bridges Overview
Config-Sync For event brokers in high-availability (HA) redundant groups or in replicated data centers, Config-Sync automatically propagates changes in both system-level and VPN-level configurations so that the two brokers remain in sync. Guaranteed messaging must be configured and enabled on each broker.

Config-Sync Overview