Solace Messaging APIs

Solace provides enterprise messaging Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that enable you to develop applications for use with Solace PubSub+. Each API includes sample applications, release notes and developer documentation.

APIs are provided for the following languages:

  • C API—This API provides high message throughput and low latency with the lowest possible CPU utilization.
  • C# / .NET API—This API is an object-oriented, managed wrapper for the C API.
  • iOS API—This API is an iOS native wrapper of the C API specifically designed for high message throughput and low latency. It is also fully integrated with iOS application life cycle.
  • Java API—A 100% pure Java implementation, the Java API is an object‑oriented API that delivers high message throughput.
  • Java RTO API—This API is a low-latency Java Native Interface (JNI) wrapper for the C API.
  • JavaScript API—This API enables Web and mobile applications to Solace messaging.
  • Node.js API—This API enables server side Web-connected enterprise applications to use Solace messaging and take advantage of the event-based programming enabled by Node.js.
  • Python API—This API enables cloud-based and enterprise-scale server-based applications to use Solace messaging.


These enterprise APIs are designed to be used as a base messaging layer that help various client applications to communicate over the Solace message bus. The pages that follow provide information on how to use the APIs to create new applications, or integrate existing ones, for use with PubSub+ event brokers.