Monitoring PubSub+ Cache

This section describes how you can configure event parameters on a per Cache Cluster basis, and how to monitor events and logs generated by PubSub+ Cache Instances. It also describes the show commands you can use to monitor PubSub+ Cache's configuration and operational status, and provides some guidance for using Solace Element Management Protocol (SEMP) to monitor and manage a PubSub+ Cache implementation.

PubSub+ Cache Events

Each PubSub+ Cache Instance uses an event queue with a maximum depth of 10 events, and it only removes an event from this queue once it gets an acknowledgment (that is, an ACK) back from the Cache Manager. If its queue is full, the PubSub+ Cache Instance raises syslog events locally until a connection to the message bus is established. It can:

  • locally raise the VPN_SOLCACHE_LOSS_OF_NOTIFICATION event
  • locally raise the event that could not be sent back to the cache manager

For a complete list of PubSub+ Cache events, refer to Syslog Event Reference, which lists and describes Solace PubSub+ syslog messages related to system-wide, Message VPN, and local client Solace PubSub+ events.