Hostname Configuration

The default hostname for a PubSub+ event broker is solace. Note that this hostname is typically used in the examples throughout this documentation. However, you should change the hostname through the Solace CLI to something that is more descriptive and differentiates it from other event brokers. In addition, if you are using multi-node routing, you must configure unique hostnames because nodes in a multi-node network must have a unique router name.


For appliances, hostnames are typically configured through the setup Privileged EXEC command that is used to initially configure appliances (refer to Initial Setup). However, you can also use the following commands to configure a new hostname for an event broker.

Config-Sync will not automatically synchronize this object or property. Therefore, if the event broker is being used in a high-availability (HA) redundant configuration or in a replicated site, you must manually configure this object/property on each mate event broker or replicated Message VPN.

To determine whether an object/property is synchronized by Config-Sync, look up the command used to configure the object/property in the CLI Command Reference or type the command in the Solace CLI, ending the command with "?". The Help lists whether the object/property is synchronized.

To configure an appliance hostname, do the following:

  1. Enter the following command to check the current host name and any deferred host name (that is, a host name that may be set to be applied on the next event broker restart):

    solace> show hostname

  2. To change the hostname, enter the following commands:

    solace> enable
    solace# configure
    solace(configure)# hostname <name> [defer]


    <name> is the hostname of the event broker. Host names can contain up to 64 characters, composed of alphanumeric characters 0 to 9, a to z, A to Z, periods (.), and hyphens (-). Note periods (.) and hyphens (-) cannot be used at the beginning or end of a hostname. Hostnames must be unique among all configured event brokers.

    defer specifies that the name change is to be deferred until the next time an event broker restart occurs. If this option is not specified when the hostname Global CONFIG command is issued, the system prompts you to confirm the hostname change, and then it automatically powers down and restarts the event broker.

    The no version of this command, no hostname, resets the hostname to the default value of solace

Software Event Broker Machine Images

For software event broker machine images, it is possible for hostnames to be automatically set in some environments. For example it is common in cloud environments for a configuration agent to set the hostname automatically when an instance is created. The event broker learns the hostname from the system the first time it starts up. Therefore, it is recommend that you do not change the hostname from that which the cloud provider assigns. However, if necessary, you can change hostnames through the solacectl utility. For more information, see Using the Solacectl Utility.

Software Event Broker Containers

For software event broker containers, the hostname is assigned when the container is created and cannot be changed afterward. You can set the hostname when creating the containers using the option –-hostname option with the docker create command.