Spring Boot Auto-Configuration for Java API

This project provides a Spring Boot Auto-Configuration implementation and a Spring Boot Starter pom for the Solace Java API. The goal of this project is to make it easier to use the Solace Java API with Spring Boot auto-configuration through the @Autowired annotation. This project is used internally within Solace to enable Spring Boot applications and as such it will be maintained and updated as our internal needs require.

The artifacts are published to Maven Central so it should be familiar and intuitive to use this project in your applications. If you find Solace Java API properties that this project does not yet support, simply raise an issue and we’ll look into adding this support, or you can submit a pull request with the update.

One item to note as described below is that this project introduces a new factory for Solace Java API sessions: SpringJCSMPFactory. Over time the Solace Java API may introduce a similar factory and remove the need for this custom extension. For now, this is included in the auto-configuration jar for ease of use.

Use Spring Initializr to Bootstrap your Solace Java Spring Boot Project

Spring Initializr generates your Spring Boot project skeleton for you based on a few simple choices, such as your preferred language, Spring Boot version, and the dependencies you need to build your microservice. Make sure to choose the Solace dependency!

Try it out: https://start.spring.io/#!dependencies=solace

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