Configuring Clients with Client Profiles

Client profiles are objects provisioned on Message VPNs that are used to assign a common set of configuration properties to clients that have been successfully authorized.

Client profiles control many client behaviors and capabilities. For example, client profiles control the allocation of resources, such as the maximum number of subscriptions permitted for a single client and the per-client transport queues. Other characteristics controlled by client profiles include tuning TCP connection parameters, enabling persistent messaging capabilities, and adjusting the point at which certain events are triggered.

Client profiles can be applied to multiple client usernames or LDAP authorization groups in a Message VPN. This enables administrators to manage large groups of clients by making a configuration change once and having it apply to many clients rather than having to make individual changes to each client.

If you do not assign specific client profiles to a client username account, then the system assigns a default client profile automatically to each client username account. You can customize the configuration of the default client profile, but you cannot delete it from the event broker.

Related Provisioning and Configuration Information

For information on how to use the Solace CLI to configure client profiles and the parameters that are associated with client profiles, refer to Configuring Client Profiles.