Endpoint Templates

Endpoint templates are configurable objects that administrators can use to specify custom attributes and parameters for any new client created endpoints. Any custom configuration associated with the endpoint template will be applied to the client created endpoints based upon the endpoint name. You can associate multiple queues to an endpoint template; this means that the clients can use multiple templates to create endpoints with different characteristics.

Administrators can choose which client created endpoints use specific endpoint templates through two mechanisms:

  • Endpoint Templates have a name-filter that allows them to match an endpoint name to an endpoint template. This allows client-created queues or topic endpoints the ability to copy attributes from the specified endpoint template dynamically when being created. Refer to Setting Name Filters to Match Queue Names or Setting Name Filters to Match Topic Endpoint Names for more information.
  • Client Profiles have an optional copy-from-template-on-create command that can be used to copy custom values from an endpoint template to a client created endpoint. Any custom configuration made to the given endpoint template will apply to the client created endpoint by any client using that Client Profile. For more information on this topic, go to Configuring Initial Values for Client-Created Endpoints.

In the below topics we will discuss the type of endpoints that are eligible for using templates and the endpoint fields that are copied from the template to the client created endpoints.

This feature only applies to Solace PubSub+ event broker 9.4.0 release onwards.

Which Endpoints Use Templates?

The following table provides information on the types of endpoints that use templates.

Category API Created Endpoint Type Can use Template from Client Profile Included in Template name matching
SMF/AMQP Queues/Topic Endpoints Yes Well Known Yes Yes
SMF/AMQP Queues/Topic Endpoints Yes Anonymous Yes No
MQTT Queues Yes Any Yes No
Administrator Created Queues/Topic Endpoints (CLI/SEMP/WebUI) No Any No No
Clustering Queues No Well Known No No

Endpoint Fields to Copy from Template

The attributes that are copied from an endpoint template to the client-created queues or topic endpoints depend on whether the endpoint is a queue, topic endpoint, or a Dead Message Queue (DMQ). Not all configurable values are copied from an endpoint template to a queue, topic endpoint, or a DMQ.

  Attribute Copied During Creation of
Attribute Queue Topic Endpoint DMQ MQTT Session Queue
Attribute Queue Topic Endpoint DMQ MQTT Session Queue
Name × × × ×
Durability × × × ×
Owner × × × ×
Shutdown × × × ×
Primary/Backup (VR Index) × × × ×
Access ×
Consumer Ack Propagation
DMQ Name ×
Durability Override × ×
Event/Bind Count Thresholds
Event/Reject Low Priority Message Thresholds
Even/Spool Usage Thresholds
Max Bind Count
Max Delivered Unacked Message Per Flow
Max Message Size
Max Redelivery ×
Redelivery Delay × ×
Redelivery × ×
Delivery Delay ×
Max Spool Usage
Permissions ×
Reject Low Priority Message Limit ×
Reject Message to Sender on Discard
Respect Message Priority ×
Respect TTL ×

To learn how to configure endpoint templates, see Configuring Endpoint Templates.