Sample Application Domains

In addition to these sample application domains, you can also check out the sample in the Event Portal Learning Center in the Cloud Console.

You can download sample applications from GitHub and import them into Designer.

To download a sample, right-click one of the Download links and select Save link as. You can also click the Download link to open the .json file in a separate window and save the file from your browser.

Sample Description Link


A retail use case than includes interaction between frontend and backend systems, including Point of Sale, an IoT Smart Shelf device, a mobile application, and a customer loyalty database microservice.


Natural Resources

A natural resources use case that includes events moving through a mining environment. This sample demonstrates using event-driven architecture in situational awareness use-cases and IoT use cases for hot bearing detection.



An aviation use case that illustrates airline operations from flight reservation to the flight reaching its destination.



A telecomunications example with billing and provisioning use cases that illustrate a range of operational tasks using Kafka. For more information, see the Readme for the sample.


To learn more about these samples and find additional samples, visit

After you save the sample, you can import it into Designer

To import an application domain, perform these steps:

  1. On the Application Domains page, click More ActionsScreenshot showing the settings described in the surrounding steps..
  2. Select Import Application Domains.
  3. Select the JSON file to import.
  4. Click Open.

For more information about importing application domains, see Exporting and Importing Application Domains