Central Monitoring Service and Datadog Agents

PubSub+ Cloud utilizes a central monitoring service to collect monitoring data (statistics/metrics) and logs from event broker services. The central monitoring service stores the information. Operational monitoring metrics, statistics, and logs are centrally monitored from the PubSub+ Home Cloud. Microservices that are part of the Home Cloud communicate with the central monitoring service to retrieve reports and data regarding the event broker services. The central monitoring service is Datadog. Datadog is a a third-party service that provides a secure solution built on a highly reliable stack for collecting and storing information that's SOC2, Type I and SOC2, Type II compliant. The SOC2 reports are available on the Datadog website.

Datadog agents are configured by the Mission Control Agent to send monitoring data and logs about event broker services to the central monitoring service. Each event broker service has a Datadog agent configured, In the following diagram, the red box highlights the Datagog agents and the central monitoring service:

Diagram of the Cloud architecture that highlights the central monitoring service and the Datadog agents for the event broker services.

Datadog agents collect only system-level information and metrics required to monitor and manage the event broker services. The system-level information and metrics do not contain any personal-identifiable information – only monitoring data about the event broker services. The information exchanged between the Datadog agents and the central monitoring service is encrypted using TLS 1.2. For more information about the data collected, see Summary of Log Information Collected

The data that is sent to the central monitoring service does identify the event broker service and its event brokers. Since PubSub+ Cloud is a SaaS offering, this required system-level information is vital to monitor the health of the event broker services running in your deployment.

The data collected by the central monitoring service is also accessible with an PubSub+ Insights subscription. You can use Insights to monitor the performance of client applications, see statistics about your event broker services, and receive notifications. Advanced visualizations are also available from a separate, Solace-provided Datadog account. For more information about PubSub+ Insights, see PubSub+ Insights and PubSub+ Insights Advanced Monitoring.

Central Monitoring Service Connectivity

For Datadog to receive monitoring traffic it requires a number of public IP addresses to be allowed to send this monitoring traffic from your deployed event broker services. For Solace-controlled (Public Regions and Dedicated Regions) deployments, this connectivity is configured by Solace. For Customer-Controlled Regions, you (or a network administrator in your organization) must enable this connectivity. One way enable the traffic flow is to add and maintain the list of IP addresses in your network that send traffic to the central monitoring service. To get the list of IP addresses, see Getting the IP Addresses for Monitoring Traffic.